Projects – I

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About a year ago I became obsessed with „Gas“. No, not THE GAS everyone and their mom is talking about (i.e. Gear Aquisition Syndrome). No, I am talking about Hopper’s painting. Thus I became obsessed with gas stations. And the perfect light.

It was a real nice project that took a few months. You know, on and off. It was not the only thing that I was shooting. But it was in the back of my head all the time. In my free time I would think about the light in the painting. Why Hopper made it that way, what his intention was. And how, or what parts of his work I could copy using my photography. It was clear to me that I couldn’t create a piece of art such as his using just my camera. Not even using just my Photoshop-skills. There is something about painting,  that will always be lightyears ahead from us photographers.

Anyway, I was struck by this gas station that I have been passing for the past 2 years almost every day – on my commute to work. And never really noticed. You know how your perception of things, not just the thing that you are photographing, changes when your perception of said one thing that you are photographing has changed? I think this project helped me see many other things differently. And photograph things that I wouldn’t have photographed otherwise.

I think I will split this into several posts, because it is too many thoughts, that are just waiting to be put down. But for now, I will say this: projects are good. Projects are awesome. And: you do not find them. They find you. I was never interested in gas stations. Still am not. I am interested in art, however. And the way that art moves us.