Neues Projekt

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My 365-Projekt that I did all of 2016 has come to an end (here are the results: It was a very nice experience to pick up the camera every day and take pictures of even mundane stuff. It really became second-nature, and still is, to take the camera (or a camera, even cell-phone ones) with me. But I also realised that I shot within my comfort-zone a lot. I did assign myself tasks here and there, and also incorporated them in my 365-project, but they were scarce.

Thus, I started a 52 project this year. Having one assignment for a week might suit me better and helps me focus more on that one task. The guys over at posted a cool 52-project calendar for everyone to complete.

I hope some of you guys join me and share their results here with me. I will post mine regularly here and on flickr as well.

Have a great 2017 all y’all!